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EARTH wall chart - laminated
Attractive and durable, perfect for wall display or classroom use.
EARTH wall chart - folded
Pocket sized, ready to read or prove your point anytime, anywhere.
EARTH - Printable PDFs
110 PDFs of charts, maps, and text, cross indexed by title and topic. perfect for handouts.
EARTH - PowerPoint Presentation
110-page PowerPoint slide show, perfect for teachers and educators.

Package Specials
A Presenters Special
PowerPoint Presentation + Printable PDFs
A $39.90 value for only $27.95 - SAVE 30%
1 laminated + 1 folded EARTH wall chart
Get both a laminated and a folded EARTH wall chart
A $47.70 value for only $33.95 SAVE 29%
The Classroom Special
The laminated EARTH wall chart plus the PowerPoint Presentation plus the Printable PDFs.
A $69.65 value for only $47.50 - SAVE 30%
Power Packed Special
BEST VALUE! - 1 Laminated EARTH wall chart, 3 folded EARTH wall charts, Printable PDFs and the PowerPoint Presentation.
A $123.50 value for only $79.95 - SAVE 35%!

Other Products
The Middle East wall chart - laminated $29.75
The Middle East wall chart - Folded $17.95

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What people have said about Earth:

"Very useful for educators and students around the world" - Diileep Bhagwut, Science & Technology Education, UNESCO

"Wow! A really great and useful site. I will certainly use it in my teaching." - Dr. Dickson Despommier, Columbia University

"...a comprehensive information source for anyone who cares about the world that our children will inherit from us." - Maria Pop, Rodale Institute

"These great posters will be provided to all science teachers in our local school district from grades 6-12 as a curriculum supplement." - Alejandra Roman, National Council for Science and the Environment

"...a wonderful resource." - S. Shields, Oklahoma Dept. of Environment

"The poster is great and I plan to use it a lot. Already shared it with other teachers and they love it too." - Jean D'Angelo, High School Agriscience Teacher

"Very useful in helping us develop materials for various projects and for students in the secondary grades." - Sonia Giovannina Vani, Council of Canadians

" awesome site. I have only begun to explore it. But what a tremendous resource." - Robert McAfee, Executive Director, Arkansas Environmental Education Association

"Your poster is ideal for my teachers' institute - rich in data on many different facets of the earth system... This data will provide a rich source of questions to drive inquiry..." - David L. Smith, Ph.D., Director of Professional Development, Da Vinci Discovery Center, Allentown, PA